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Gourmandtrotter.com was started to share the love and passion for food and drinks from around the world, and everything in-between. 

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Categories on Gourmand Trotter


In this category, you can expect interesting write-ups about particular dishes from around the world. We also share educational and inspirational posts about the local cuisine of each country.

Furthermore, you can expect to get hungry when browsing through the food category!


In this category, you can expect interesting write-ups about drinks from around the world, including non-alcoholic beverages as well as liqueurs and alcoholic beverages. The posts include some interesting facts and history as well as more about the actual drink. 


If you have a sweet-tooth, this category is for you. In the desserts section, you can learn how to make yummy pastries and desserts from around the world, as well as learning more about the history and where to find them. 


If you’re more interested in learning how to make various dishes and prepare them at home, this category is for you. In the recipes section, we will share authentic recipes for some of the most traditional dishes as well as newcomers. 


Traveling for food is a lifestyle, and there are tons of tips and experiences to read about in this section. Expect easy-to-read travel guides from a gourmand’s perspective. 

What is a Gourmand?

The word Gourmand has been around since the 15th century, and it originally referred to someone who was excessively fond of eating and drinking. However, in recent times, the word simply refers to “one who is heartily interested in good food and drink”.

It’s a softer version of Gourmet, which typically focus on fine dining, whereas a gourmand enjoys all kinds of food, whether it’s simple street food or a dinner at a renowned restaurant with Michelin stars. 

Since we have a focus on travel as well, and we travel for food, the name is a natural reflection of this.